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Designing with Collective Intelligence:

Fair Future(s): Designing with Collective Intelligence event | Dafne+ International Creative Jam

The seminar

Experimental seminar carried out in collaboration with SODA (School of Digital Arts) of Manchester within the framework of the European project Dafne+. There were 4 intense days with different theoretical talks, many workshops and group work.

Soda seminarmates

We explored technologies, methodologies and estrategies for create trustworthy and fair communities that pursue shared goals and honest methods within the digital world.

Glossary of terms
  • Blockchain
  • DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • NFTs
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrencies
References and tools

Collective exercice: Dodo Dao

Team members exercice:

Flora Rose Elise Berkowitz, Vania Belen Bisbal Villacorta, Everardo Castro, Qianyin Du, Anthuanet Falcon Quispe, Anna Fedele Ana Lozano and Albert Vila Bonfill

Summary of the project:

The challenge we adressed was the loss of biodiversity and the lack of legal rights for non-human beings or entities. The goal was to fight the biodiversity loss by fostering better relationships with nature through small individual and daily actions within cities.

We propose the creation of a DAO where we can learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences around the daily practice of an Honorable Harvest.

We wanted to reinforce the fine line between the physical and non-tangible worlds. Therefore, apart from the DAO, we propose the creation of a toolkit to put into practice the main principles of the Horable Harvest.

The process:

Take a look at the Miro board to see the group dynamics of the seminar and the development of our team’s work:

Designing Dodo

Reflections and feedback

  • Many concepts emerged during these days, some new to me and others not so new but in which I personally had not yet delved too deeply. With this seminar I have broken the ice with some concepts (non-tangible technologies) that will help me deal with the challenges of a fairer digital world. However, I feel that I still need to explore more in them to feel comfortable and use them regularly since we also see how economic interests and speculation take advantage of it. In this sense, I think it has been a good start, but I’m rather slow, I don’t jump right into chasing new trends, so I need my time.

  • I believe that for individual and collective mental health, at least for mine, it is essential to be able to find in the digital world ways to cooperate, trust and transform together, in a “similar way” to what we do in the physical world with our neighbors and colleagues.

  • The digital society has more and more weight in our lives. This is why these methods, mechanisms and tools are so essential. I think it would be very important to bring this knowledge to schools to teach these “Socio-digital Skills” from an early age while teaching other skills to develop in the digital world.

Feedback regarding the seminar format:

  • My evaluation of the seminar is very good. I think the organizers must be congratulated for their courage and also for their ability to find quick solutions when technical conditions did not help communication. I also think that the work proposed in Miro board was very well designed and worked well in the vast majority of cases.

  • The theoretical talks were at some times, not all, too fast or simplified for me, especially when it came to concepts with a lot of theory behind them as blockchain, NFTs or DAOs. This require more time for those uninitiated in these concepts like me.

  • My proposal for another seminar is that this theory be given beforehand with a certain amount of time so that the seminar talks are more quick reminders of concepts than theory about these concepts.