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Digital Prototyping For Design: Microchallenge 3 - Planta Vibras - Individual post

Planta Vibras

Microchallenge 3: Report and repository

Refletions and learnings

  • Although the whole project was a little stressful, I must confess that I have learned very valuable lessons for my future projects.

  • Although the whole project was a bit stressful due to deadlines, the final assessment is good as I feel that I have learned useful lessons for my future projects.

  • Continuing to work with the same team has allowed us to have good communication, respect and mutual support during the most difficult moments of the project. Taking care of your teammates is taking care of the project.

  • Sometimes you want to incorporate many of the elements and techniques worked on in class, making the projects more complex. It is often better to start with simple things and increase the complexity as you get the parts to work correctly.

  • When we get stuck with a piece of programming code it can cause us a lot of trouble and cause us to waste a lot of time and energy. Using chatGPT to debug and find possible errors has been, on some occasions, useful for us.

  • Another lesson that I take away is that it is not good to change from one solution to another every time we encounter small obstacles. Maybe we don’t find how to develop the first option, then we move on to a second but we also get stuck and, then, we return to the first and so on. Deciding on a solution and spending time researching it is sometimes better than changing every moment. However, wasting a lot of time on a dead end is also dangerous. Deciding that it is worth investing more resources in a solution or deciding that it is time to stop because you are wasting your time is something you never know for sure.


  • My contribution to the project may have to be valued by my partner in this microchallenge. However, if I have to evaluate myself, I think I have tried to convey serenity and good vibes to the team as well as commitment to the work we were doing.

  • I have been able to make some very small contributions to the other groups whenever I have had the chance. Helping others not only makes me feel good, it is also an opportunity to learn from what they do.

The process is the way!