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Digital Prototyping For Design: Microchallenge 2 - Dr. Chladni - Individual post

Microchallenge 2: Presentation

Microchallenge 2: Report and repository

Refletions and learnings

About the project

  • Our Chladni plate now works. The constructive experience of the first microchallenge, especially the mistakes, has been crucial to develop a new Chladni plate in a very short time. The plate has been practically rebuilt from new. Only a few pieces have been saved such as the metal plate, some washers and the small mp3 player.

  • We have created a very basic artificial intelligence model that has allowed us to create a small loop with the Chladni plate patterns and frequencies. Although we must improve the training of the model, this opens the doors to looking for other patterns in nature outside of our frequency-pattern system.

  • Microchallenge 2, being a continuation of the first, has been much more satisfactory in terms of results for me.


The importance of planning:

Planning is very important. As we started from a good project planning thanks to microchallenge 1, we have not spent much time deciding what to do and how to do it. Having planned most of our project in advance has allowed the new ideas to fit perfectly without leaving the predetermined framework.

The previous daily meeting to evaluate the status of the project and decide the objectives and distribution of each day’s tasks is a very good practice.

The importance of the previous experience:

We have done in one day what took us 4 days in the previous microchallenge, which tells us about the importance of the experience.

The importance of the team:

By continuing to work with the same team, it has allowed us to better understand the way of working and the skills of each team member and has allowed us to segregate some of the work so that we can finish within the deadlines.

Being understanding and having fun working with colleagues is essential to cope well under the pressure of deadlines.


  • My contribution to the project may have to be valued by my partner in this microchallenge. However, if I have to evaluate myself, I think I have tried to convey serenity and good vibes to the team as well as commitment to the work we were doing.

  • I have been able to make some very small contributions to the other groups whenever I have had the chance. Helping others not only makes me feel good, it is also an opportunity to learn from what they do.

The process is the way!