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Future Talks

Radical Situatedness. Flows, Knowledge and Infrastructures.

By Bani Brusadin

Session summary

Radical Situatedness

After the Internet Tour we had am outdoor talk given by Bani Brusadin. In this talk, Bani has offered us a bunch of concepts and terminology to talk about the new phenomena, relations, entities and realities associated with the internet and artificial intelligence. We have scratched at these concepts to look for the complexity and opportunity that lies on the surface itself and behind it. Some of the concepts are “vast automaton”, “syntetic minds” or “infrascapes of cognition” among many others.



The most common thing is that we see these multiscalar complex intelligence systems as something large and incomprehensible, a monster made up of large infrastructures, data, power games, political and geopolitical interests where we have little or nothing to say. The talk has opened up a window of opportunity for me to fight, from a powerless position. Playing with the different ways of extending the meanings, of building other stories, by taking advantage of the characteristics of the system and its fails and incompatibilities, taking advantage of the that happens inside but also on the skin of this vast automaton.

I will need some time to digest and make my own some of the concepts and insights launched by Bani.