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Future Talks

Networks of Co-Responsability. Hangar’s WebLab

By Ce Quimera and Laura Benitez

Session summary

Hangar’s Wetlab in Barcelona is an installation focused on the research, creation and production of artistic projects that incorporate biological technologies and experiments in synthetic biology. This laboratory provides a space equipped with specialized instruments and equipment for experimentation in biology, allowing artists and researchers to explore the intersections between art, science and biotechnology.


Hangar’s Wetlab offers creators the ability to conduct research and develop projects that could range from manipulating bacteria and living cells to using molecular biology and bioinformatics techniques. This facility aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in the arts and sciences, opening up new avenues of creative expression and exploration.




  • The weblab is a fascinating mix between an alternative scientific laboratory, a self-managed cooperative, an artists’ workshop and a fablab that leaves no one indifferent.
  • I have been impressed by first-person experiments mixing art and medical or biological experimentation like the Trans*Plant project.
  • I think art should be everywhere and in everything we do (science, technology, design, creation, storytelling). It is a “language” that goes beyond words and images that helps us evoke or convey what conventional forms of communication cannot.
  • Symbiosis 1 and symbiocracy 2 are terms that go straight to my design space.

  1. Lynn Margulis, was a evolutionary biologist. She theorized, among many other contributions, about the importance of Symbiosis. Margulis emphasized the importance of symbiosis and cooperation between different organisms in evolution and ecology. He argued that symbiosis, rather than competition, has been the main engine of diversification and adaptation to the history of life on Earth. 

  2. The term has been used in different contexts and by different authors to refer to systems of government based on symbiosis or mutual cooperation. In WetLab of Hangar was used to guide the creation of an open protocol for the use of the wetlab.