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Designing with Extended Intelligences

AI La vaca cega

Stumbling onto many a tree trunk,
By the river shore,
there goes the cow errant and lonely. She is blind.


Team members: Anthuanet Falcon Quispe and Albert Vila Bonfill



A lot of internal things have been stirred up during this seminar. There are many things I take away from this seminar. I feel that, on the one hand, I have gained confidence and autonomy while using these tools and, on the other, I have understood more clearly how to use it in my personal projects. Now, not only do I see myself much more capable of using AI in my projects but now I have a lot of desire and enthusiasm to do it.

Better understanding how communication works within or between models, for example how we go from image to text and from text to image will help me not get lost in translation. I also better understand what happens when the results are not as expected so I can better adjust my input parameters. I have seen how the way we address these models is important so that internally it navigates towards probabilistic space and the mathematical dimensions that can bring us closer to an optimal response.

It has also helped me to better structure my own narrative and a vision of the future that is much more possitive and promising than the catastrophist vision that has been established in most popular debates. Doing one of the exercises with the Modmatrix tool I saw how a sentence from a poem that represented a scene perhaps a little bloody but important to understand the context of the story, was restricted to contain violence and denied me the requested output. It was one of the most popular poems in Catalonia and the dose of violence it contains was ridiculous, in my opinion, than the one that contains a single chapter of Looney Tunes cartoons for example. This makes me believe that through AI and together with regulations agreed upon, regulated and followed by all (such as the United Nations declaration of human rights) we can project a better future. Although it may now seem counterfeit and exaggeratedly perfect, having a planetary vision with less violence, less discrimination, more diversity, more respect and more contact with nature can, in some way, bring us closer to it. Obviously, there will be those who will take advantage of this technology to create destruction and personal gain. As a society, we must move fast to regulate to agree on restrictions and punish those who create and use AI systems for destructive purposes or that endanger the common good.

We have in our hands a wonderful and powerful toy that is currently growing and evolving rapidly, for this reason, we must walk with prudence and common sense.

A bite of feedback regarding the seminar:

It has been a very good seminar from start to finish. Very balanced, from the theoretical part with examples to the more practical part with time and support to execute it. A very good order, tone and tempo has been maintained at all times. I would like to congratulate the teachers and organizers.